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Emily Paints Events

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I caught up with Emily Paints Events to chat all about her services and how she adds a little extra magic to your day! If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to capture your big day – I highly suggest looking into a live painter!

What is your role in the wedding industry?

I capture the love and emotion of your wedding day by painting it live as it happens. So I bring my easel and canvas to your wedding, set up facing the scene to be painted (first dance paintings are a favourite!) and I paint the scene, the newlyweds, the venue, and often some guests into the artwork. I can also add in people (or pets!) that aren’t actually there.

What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

My favourite part is the first dance – maybe I’m just a sap but It’s so special and romantic, all of your loved ones are close by watching on but you can tell the newlyweds only see each other.

Why should couples hire you?

My live wedding paintings are an entirely different wedding experience. The paintings I create at weddings live on forever, always cherished, loved, and enjoyed each day. Newlyweds can reminisce about their wedding day and how it felt 50 years from now looking at their wedding painting. It can be passed down through generations. Guests at the wedding get to watch a blank canvas spring to life in real time. Not many people get to see the creative process of artwork from start to finish, so watching it unfold right there is an experience they will never forget.

What services do you offer?

I offer live wedding paintings in which I paint the newlyweds in a scene of their choice at their wedding from start to finish. These paintings are available in sizes starting at 16×20″.
I also offer live portraits, these are a more guest-centric service as I set up a table and guests come to sit for five minutes. During this time I paint them in watercolour on an 8×10 paper. They are ready to take with them right after!

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Emily Paints Events


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