Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

Have you ever wondered the difference between a venue coordinator vs. wedding coordinator? This is one of the most common questions we get asked! Do you really need a wedding coordinator if there is a venue coordinator? The short answer is yes, most likely.

In short, the venue coordinator works for the venue, and your wedding coordinator works for you.

The Venue Coordinator works for the venue.

Your venue coordinator is a vital member of your team! They will ensure that the venue is set up according to plan, that venue staff are briefed and ready to go, that the bar is stocked, that the in-house sound system works, and that the bathrooms never run out of soap. Your venue coordinator will work closely with your wedding coordinator to ensure seamless execution of your timeline.

Your venue coordinator will usually be assigned to you after the sales team has helped you book the venue. This means that you may not meet them until the rehearsal or the day of the wedding. They won’t know the names of your wedding party or family, they won’t have a detailed history of family dynamics, and they won’t have insight into your full day-of timeline!

This person is an essential part of your team, but relying on them solely will result in gaps in service.

Your Wedding Coordinator works for you.

Your wedding coordinator works for you and your vendor team. They will begin briefing your entire vendor team weeks before the event, create, finalize and amend timelines, set up (and tear down) your personal decor, act as the main point of contact day-of, run your rehearsal, and spend most of the day with you!

We meet with our couples at least four times, which means we are intimately aware of all the details, logistics, and important background information. In the weeks leading up to the day, we connect with every vendor and VIP so they know we are their go-to resource. We are with you all day, so if something needs to change, we can inform you of this and pivot the plans. We work closely with the venue coordinator to ensure that dinner service runs smoothly and the bar never has a line!

Often, we hear that couples choose not to hire a wedding coordinator because their venue offers a “venue coordinator.” However, as the wedding day inches closer, they realize there is a gap in their team, and they have to hire a wedding coordinator at the last minute. Not only is this stressful, but it can cost you more money!

Questions to ask your venue team

If you’ve been debating the venue coordinator vs. wedding coordinator roles, I hope this blog helps you determine the main differences! Of course, the best way to understand what your venue will take care of is to ask. Here are a few questions you should ask them:

  • Will you set up our personal decor?
  • Will you tear down our personal decor?
  • Will you coordinate the ceremony processional and recessional?
  • Will you move our ceremony florals to the reception?
  • Will you coordinate grand entrances, first dances and speeches?
  • Will you pack up our cards and gifts?

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