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This week I checked in on all of my 2021 couples to see how they were doing. There’s a lot going on right now and plans are changing by the minute, so I wanted to ensure that I had a chance to chat with everyone to see where their heads were at.

As to be expected, as I sifted through the replies, there was a lot of heartache being shared.

And y’all, I get it. It is extremely challenging to plan anything right now and many couples have waited a year (or MORE) and we are basically in the same place we were last year. It sucks.

But! Your COVID wedding doesn’t have to suck. We have an advantage this year. We KNOW what the restrictions look like and we can plan accordingly. You may not be able to have the dance party you pictured, but I promise you there are ways we can make your COVID wedding awesome.

(Sidebar: B suggested that the first way to make a COVID wedding not suck is to stop calling it a “COVID wedding” and while that is valid, I respectfully reject his suggestion. 😅)


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So, what can we do to make sure your COVID wedding doesn’t suck?

I’m going to offer some specific suggestions, but I also have an exercise for you and your partner. I want you to think about the best date night you’ve ever had. Think about a time the two of you went out and had an amazing time without dancing! What were you doing? What was the entertainment like? Are there elements of these favourite date nights that you can bring to the table? Literally. (Because you have to bring them to the table. Because guests can’t get up from their tables. Bad joke? Maybe too soon?)

Maybe you spent an afternoon playing board games and then grabbed coffee so good that it changed your whole life.

Maybe you shared appetizers and spent the night at a comedy club laughing until your sides hurt.

Maybe you clinked glasses and crashed a trivia night at a local bar, and won, taking home a ridiculous prize.

The point I’m trying to make is that there are plenty of ways to create connections and there’s no reason that we can’t reimagine weddings to fit the current times.


What do I suggest?

As always, I suggest you do what makes sense for you and your relationship. However, if you are struggling to come up with some ideas here are a few to get your wheels turning:

1. Board games at the tables

You could provide a menu of the board games available and the servers can bring them over after dinner.

2. Stand up comedian

You may even be able to hire them to act as your MC! After dinner, they could do their full skit while guests sip cocktails or fancy coffees.

3. Magicians

HEAR ME OUT! One of my favourite nights out with B involved a magician named David Storm. The show was hosted at The Walper, we got dressed up, went for dinner and then enjoyed one of the most entertaining and mindblowing shows I have ever seen. I later had the opportunity to work a wedding that David happened to be MC’ing (he was friends with the couple) and, again, it was one of the most entertaining weddings I have seen!

4. Wine/Beer pairings

You would work with your venue/caterer to create a few extra small courses that come paired with wine/beer/spirits/mocktails/whatever you want!

5. Scotch tasting

I mean, I know nothing about scotch, so if I went to a wedding and someone walked me through a scotch tasting, I would find that super interesting.

6. Trivia games

If there was a prize for the world’s worst trivia contestant, I would win it. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t be highly entertained by some friendly competition! Choose a topic that you love (or make the trivia about you!) and come up with a ridiculous prize for the winners!

See, your COVID wedding doesn’t have to suck! It has to be different than you imagined it, and it’s okay if that sucks, but I’ve gotta believe there is a way to create a little magic through this. If you are struggling to find the magic, send us an email! We are happy to help inspire you to create a new version of your beautiful, magical, wedding day.

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