Automating Emails Using Dubsado

Automating emails in Dubsado

So you are diving into automating your business and perhaps feeling a *little* lost on where to begin? I get it. The whole process is pretty overwhelming! Don’t worry, I am here to help. One of the easiest ways to regain control over your time is by automating emails that you find yourself sending over and over. This blog is going to focus on automating emails using Dubsado, but most CRM’s can perform this task.

Step 1: Map Out Your Emails

I like to do this step on paper (better yet, on sticky notes) so that I can easily add and move things around. Start by writing out all of the emails you are sending to each client. Here are some examples:

  • Welcome emails
  • Helpful tips and tricks (I like to share links to my blog posts!)
  • Thank you’s
  • Please review our business

Automating emails like those listed above is SUPER easy using Dubs.

Also, I’ve found that the longer I use the platform, the more ideas I have for emails I want to send my clients. So, if your list is short at the beginning that’s totally okay!

Step 2: Create Canned Emails

Head into Dubsado and click “Canned Emails” under the Templates dropdown. From there you can create all of the emails that you plan to automate! You can also populate these emails right within your workflows, but I personally find it helps keep things a bit neater to create them separately. It also means that if you need to send the same email to a different type of client, you already have it created. For me, this has come in handy when, for example, I want to send my Look Book to Month-Of, Partial Planning and Full Planning clients. Had I not created a canned email template, I would have had to re-write or copy the email from the workflow.

Step 3: Setup The Workflow

Now it’s time to make some magic!  Assuming we are starting right at the very beginning, you’ll want to head into the workflow tab and click “add workflow”. Give your workflow a name and then click “Add Action” and then select “Send Email” from the drop-down menu. Depending on the type of email you are sending, select when you would like it to send. If it’s a welcome email, you may want to select “0 days after the contract is signed” or “0.25 hours after scheduled payment complete” – this part is totally up to you and when you want that email to go out. Next, you’ll select your canned email from the dropdown and lastly, you’ll click “apply”.

Repeat this step for all of the emails you would like to automate in this workflow!

Still feeling a little uncertain about setting automating emails using Dubsado? I’ve included a video below!



Ready to dive in? You can set up Dubsado for FREE (you get 3 clients, and one of them should be yourself for testing!) but if you’re ready to go all-in, if you use the code confettiandco you’ll save 20% and I will save $25, so it’s really just a win-win!

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Automating emails in Dubsado


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