Day-Of Wedding Stationery Checklist

So you’ve made it to the final weeks before your big day! It’s been months (or maybe years!) of careful planning and you’re finally in the homestretch. There are a few important stationery and signage details that you may want to consider including, and I’m going to tell you all about them here. Want the printable goods? You can download this free Wedding Stationery Checklist!


Okay, let’s dive in.


Welcome Signage

A welcome sign is a great way to let your guests know they are in the right place! This is especially important if you are at a venue with multiple weddings or on private property.

The options for a welcome sign are pretty much endless. You can choose from a chalkboard, mirror or DIY pallet sign – and if you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest you’re probably not short on inspiration! A welcome sign is a great addition to your day-of wedding stationery. 

Photo by Taylor Jackson, calligraphy by LoveWords Design, florals by From The Potting shed

Ceremony Signage

This one is totally optional, but many couples opt to have a sign asking guests to turn off their cell phones and leave the photos to the hired pros! You might also choose to direct your guests to their seats with a “Choose A Seat, Either Side, You’re Loved By Both the Groom and Bride” sign!

Ceremony Signage

Seating Chart

If you are having assigned seating at your reception, you are going to need a way to direct guests to their table! Your seating chart is a GREAT way to get creative and display your unique personalities – so don’t feel like you need to stick to a certain layout.

Heather from Red Bicycle Paper Co. recommends that you organize your seating chart alphabetically if you have more than 8 tables, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind while you’re in the design process!

Seating Chart

Photo by Jessica Imrie Photography

Place Cards

If your guests will have an assigned seat at their table, then you will need to have a place card made up! There are tons of fun and creative ways to do this if you are looking for a way to spice things up. Check out this wooden laser cut “bride” place card from our EVO Kitchen Shoot by Aleite Designs! Be. Still. My. Heart!

TIP: Assign an embellishment that alerts the server to their meal choice! For example, you can add a small paper flower for guests having steak or gem for guests who are having chicken!



While a menu isn’t necessary for each place setting, it is nice to have at least one on the table! It’s a great way to tie in your theme and it also reminds guests what they ordered. The menu above (also by my girl Amanda at Aleite Design!) is one of my all time favourites!

Another place that can be fun to have a custom menu is the bar and the dessert table! You definitely don’t have to limit it to just dinner.

Thank You Tags

If you are putting out guest favours it can be a fun touch to add a personalized thank you tag that matches the rest of your stationery suite.

This is one of the many great ways you can get creative in adding your personal touches!

These cute favours are again by Amanda from Aleite Designs! Clearly, if you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area she is a great vendor to check out. 😉

Thank you Tags

Photo by Simply Wedding Photography

Ceremony Programs

If you are planning a longer and more detailed ceremony, having a printed program can be helpful for your guests to follow along with. If you are ballin’ on a budget, this is definitely not a must have item. Most guests probably won’t even look at them and then they go straight into the bin!

Fun fact: I designed the “day-of” stationery for the wedding below! Sometimes I like to flex my graphic design muscle to see what happens.

Photo by C&E Collective


The Extra’s

Of course, there are always other special signage pieces that you can add on to make the details of your day extra special!

Things like large banners, vow books or backdrops are a fun way to incorporate special details into your wedding day!



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