5 Tips For The Perfect Getting Ready Location

Planning your wedding is a big deal! You will make so many decisions throughout the process that you won’t even be able to keep track of them all. There is one important aspect of the day that is often left behind. And that is your getting ready location!

Wherever you choose to get ready will totally set the tone for your day. Not to mention it will be heavily photographed!

Bride getting ready before ceremony

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Here are five tips for choosing the perfect getting ready location!

  1. Make Sure The Room is Big Enough

Once you get your bridal party, their dresses, your parents and your hair and makeup into the room, things may start to feel a little tight! Make sure you consider how many people will be joining you when you choose the location!

  1. Choose a Space With Lots of Windows

Picking a location with lots of windows will help ensure your photographer can get beautiful getting ready shots! Natural lighting is a game changer when it comes to photography and you will be so glad you chose a space with lots of windows!

Bride looking out window

Photo by Brandon Taylor

  1. Find A Location With A Couple Different Rooms

You know when you’re trying to find an outfit and suddenly the contents of your closet is strewn all over your room? Yeah, thats pretty much what happens when you and your 5 bridesmaids start getting ready for your big day! If you have a room where you can contain some of the chaos, you’ll ensure that you won’t have a giant mess in the background of all of your photos! (Plus, I find small messy rooms extremely stressful – anyone else?! Do your blood pressure a favour and contain it!)

  1. Flat Surfaces, Flat Surfaces, Flat Surfaces

Your makeup artist will probably roll in with a suitcase (literally) full of goodies. All of those goodies need to be laid out so your artist can easily access them! If you have a couple tables (and chairs!) in your getting ready space it means you won’t end up with an entire Sephora store spread out across the bed.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Choose a spot that is relatively close to your ceremony space! The last thing you want is to have to spend 30 minutes commuting to the venue after getting all gussied up. Not to mention, no one really wants to pay their photographer for 30 minutes of driving!

Bride getting ready

Photo by David and Kara Photography

Bonus tip: check AirBNB for full houses or condos nearby! This way you get an entire place to yourself and if you want you can also crash their for your wedding night!

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Bride getting ready before ceremony


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