The Art Gallery
of Hamilton

Featuring diversity, equality and
intentional design.

As content creators we believe it is our duty to inspire beautiful work that resonates with a wide audience. 

Our goal for this workshop is to design beautiful and unique portfolio content  that helps you refine your skills and grow in your business. You will hear from panel speakers on topics that will help you navigate being published, branding and more!
It is a joy to design all of the pretty things to help you curate a beautiful and diverse portfolio collection. 

Tuesday, August 27

$800 +hst

The Team

Co-Host and Planning: Confetti and Co
Co-Host and Photographer: Jessica Imrie 
Florals: Blooms and Flora
Bar: Mersey Cross
Dessert Station: Scintillate Events
Custom Bridal Gown: Jennie Ross Bridal
Makeup: Meghan Barbour

Guest Speakers

Chantelle from Dear Bride Blog
Ashley from Simply Curate Co.
Chris from Dekora Albums Co.


Sprout Studios
Dekora Albums Co. 


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